iOS10 XCode 8 ATS support

With every iOS release, Apple also releases an updated version of its development environment, Xcode. The updated Xcode version provides support for the new iOS features. With iOS 10, Apple has released Xcode 8.  

Kony has already ensured that our customer applications are compatible with both iOS 10 and are ready to use Xcode 8. Over the last few weeks, we have released the iOS 10 compatibility releases for all the supported versions of Kony Visualizer. These are compatible with Xcode 8. We have also certified the MobileFabric iOS SDK for iOS 10 as well as enabled iOS 10 compatibility on our enterprise management releases. In case you missed this, more details are available on our developer portal

Many of you have already taken advantage and secured your mobile applications for iOS 10 by upgrading to our Kony compatibility releases. In case you have not already done this, we recommend you to do this as soon as possible.


Here are a few important things you need to know:

While your application may continue to work with Xcode 7 in an iOS 10 compatibility mode, we recommend that you start using Xcode 8. This will ensure compliance for any future updates.
With Xcode 8, Apple has introduced a new privacy-related setting around the use of hardware resources (like camera, gallery & contacts). Developers are expected to ensure these settings are included when building their applications with Xcode 8. Kony has ensured that we integrate these settings as part of your Kony application. Developers are expected to include a description with the reason to use the features which may be related to user privacy. 
Below are a few simple steps to ensure compliance

Create a JSON file with the below keys & values. You may refer the Apple documentation for more information on the keys to be included.
Add all the required keys and their description in a the JSON file and name it as
        "NSCalendarsUsageDescription" : "",
        "NSCameraUsageDescription" : "",
        "NSContactsUsageDescription" : "",
        "NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription" : "",
        "NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription" : ""

Please Note: The above entries need to be added only if you are using these resources in your application. In case you are not using any of them, do not include the corresponding entry in the JSON file as this may lead to an App Store rejection.
Add this JSON file at the following location in your project - “/resources/common”. 
Now, whenever you build your applications, the Kony build process ensures that these settings are packaged and added to the info.plist in your Xcode project.
In case your application uses protected mode, please ensure you download and use the iOS 10 compatible Finalizer Utility for Xcode 8 available here.
Refer to the release notes for the XCode 8 compatibility releases for further information.
For a list of iOS 10 supported devices, please visit our documentation portal.

With Kony’s ongoing commitment towards ensuring compliance of your applications for any security requirements, we are ensuring application compatibility to the Apple ATS security protocol requirements in an upcoming release for all the supported versions. This will be available well in advance of the January 2017 cut-off date that Apple has for their App Store compliance. Stay tuned for a follow-up with more details regarding the ATS compatible releases. While Kony is working on ensuring application compliance through their framework, our customers are requested to ensure they are only using HTTPS in their applications and their SSL certs and load balancers are using TLS v1.2.

If you have any questions about your applications, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success team representatives or Kony Support.