iOS10 Compatibility Updates

In case you have missed it, below was our initial recap & announcement on the iOS 10 updates.

Apple WWDC Recap and Peek Ahead

On June 13th 2016, Apple unveiled iOS 10.Read more here:

Following this, we are now pleased to share more details on the compatibility assessment and the GA compatible plugin releases.

Watch OS compatibility with iOS10

1. Kony WatchOS2 - Compatible with WatchOS3.

iOS10 New Features / Backward compatibility impact on Kony Apps

App Transport Security (ATS) was introduced as part of iOS9 to improve the privacy and data integrity of connections between an app and web services by enforcing additional security requirements for HTTP-based networking requests.

Presently ATS is disabled to allow existing apps to be run without modifications. However, it is a mandate from Apple that starting 1st Jan 2017, all new apps and app updates need to support the protocol. As part of iOS 10, "NSAllowsArbitraryLoadsInWebContent" and "NSRequiresCertificateTransparency" has been introduced to allow arbitrary web page loads to work while retaining ATS protection.

The support for this will be provided in an upcoming release in time for compliance with the Apple guidelines.

Release Plan for Kony compatible GA Plugins

Kony's iOS 10 Compatible Plugin# Kony Compatible Plugins Release Dates Additional Notes
iOS–GA– Sep 21 These Plugins are certified on Apple GA and available from hot fix site/update site.
iOS10 GA Release Notes
iOS-GA- Sep 23
iOS-GA- Sep 28
iOS-GA- Sep 30

For any support required on End of life versions (< 5.6), kindly get in touch with our customer success representative.

Kony Plugins and XCode Dependencies

  1. Apple strongly recommends using XCode 8 for building the apps while it still supports XCode 7.x and above
  2. Below is the XCode version that is supported by Kony in order to consume the compatibility plugins.
    1. XCode 8.x

Additional Notes on Compatible Plugins Release

  • If you are using FFI for your requirements, 'Non Nil' key check should be taken care for APIs such as setValue:forKey:, setObject:forKey:, and valueForKey.

Kony MobileFabric iOS 10 Compatibility

Kony SDK is certified for iOS10 compatibility on these supported Kony Plugin versions: 5.6, 6.0, 6.5 and 7.x. This would help you to continue to leverage the power of our back-end services along with the capability to manage the full spectrum of hardware and software with iOS 10.

On Management, IOS10 compatibility is already enabled as of 26th Sep on EMM 4.1(EMM-GA-, 4.0 (EMM-GA-, 3.5.1 (EMM-GA- plugins.

EMM Compatible Plugins for IOS10

EMM Version IOS10 Compatible EMM Plugin #
EMM 3.5.1 EMM-GA-