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Tutorials: Next video after "Introduction to Flex Container"

Question asked by Uttam Padukone on Apr 02, 2017 13:02 EDT

Hello, In your Video Tutorial - "Introduction to Flex Layout" - you have referred to the next video in the series as "Introduction to Animation" - a video I cannot find. Is this tutorial video ready?  And if so, could you please post the link to this Animation Tutorial video? Thank you in advance. Uttam

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Hi Uttam,

Please find the video to the Actions and animations below.

You can get all the videos related to Kony in the link given below.

For any information on Kony, kindly also go through the following link for all the documentation.

Thank you

Rashmi Menon

Customer Success Engineering

Replied by: Apr 07, 2017 03:11 EDT