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starter edition

Question asked by Jeff Duncan on Feb 27, 2017 19:35 EST

Hello   I cannot find any pricing on the Kony website. However, I suspect it is way out of my reach for developing apps for a few clients - that said I could possible justify sharing cost long-term with a few clients. Meanwhile I would like to know if I can publish 1 or 2 apps from the started edition of Kony to the apple app store without branding. Could someone please explain what a user gets with the free version?

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Hello Jeff,


When you opt for the free edition you can publish the application to the visualization cloud using the visualizer starter. Once you publish the service then you will get a code that can be used to acess the published application in the device using the Kony Visualizer application(can be downloaded from the appstore/playstore). 

You would not be able to publish these apps to apple/google store.


Thank You,



Replied by: Apr 11, 2017 02:26 EDT