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SPA issue - set Visibility is not working

Question asked by Vijayendra L on Aug 01, 2017 08:48 EDT

Hi There, As part of Implementing Hamburger menu, I have created two flexforms(HomeForm and MenuForm) with two different z index values. onClicking on Hamburger menu icon, inkoveMove() is being called to move HomeForm form left to  right side and I am setting the visibitity of the MenuForm by calling antoher function (in the animation end function) as below. HomeForm.MenuContainer.setVisibility(true);  This is working fine in Android native and iPhone native but not working in SPA android and iphone. I have verified the log statments in console and I see  that visibility of the menuform(HomeForm.MenuContainer.isVisible)  is "true" after exection of above line.  Need inputs/suggestions if any to resolve the issue.  

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Please try giving a refresh of the form or a form.forcelayout to resolve your issue.

good luck

Replied by: Aug 03, 2017 00:58 EDT