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Not Authorized - Mobile Fabric Identity Oauth2 and Integration services

Question asked by Anwar Sadat on Mar 28, 2017 07:54 EDT

Hi, I use OAuth2 with my organization's SSO and I am able to login and get the backend token after login inside the mobile app. However when I try to invoke a integration service that is secured by the OAuth2 identity service is invoked by passing the header, Authorization:Bearer <<backend_token>>, I get an error "17005" and a message "Not authorized'. Please let me know if I may have missed out anything in the Mobile Fabric console config / application config

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Hello Anwar,

If you have configured OAuth2 as a identity in mfconsole and accessed the identity using  API provided in below link you need not pass the Authorization in the header explicitly. 

Once the login is success then you can directly invoke the integration service and it should work as long as the backend token is valid. If you still face the issue share the OAuth2 type, client side code used to make identity and integration call.


Thank You,



Replied by: Apr 07, 2017 02:03 EDT