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Kony Visualizer not Publishing App

Question asked by victor cornejo on Jun 15, 2017 10:56 EDT

i have logged into my Kony visualizer and i see that i am connected  and logged in. i have a simple interface of like 3 forms that i just want to see on a IOS device. i have to emulators installed but i have the visualizer app i want to view this on. Everytime i hit publish or preview, i get an error. so when i check my Kony online profile there is no protypes or published apps i have. For preview/publish error: Error- there are no forms created for the target specified below for "projectname" project: tablet   Create forms for the channels specified or change the build target to continue.  i am building this for smartphone only not any tablets. What is going on? i have the correct configured channels.

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Hi Victor,

This error normally occurs, when you have created forms for mobile say in your case iPhone and you are checking in a tablet say iPad or vice versa.

Kindly check if you have created the forms in the mobile section if you are checking in iPhone. Also check if you have published it for iPhone rather than say SPA or iPad.

Thank you
Rashmi Menon

Customer Success Engineering

Replied by: Jun 16, 2017 00:10 EDT