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How to create a checkbox and use it in Kony Enterprise Visualizer

Question asked by Rekha Reddy Chittam on Jul 03, 2017 09:57 EDT

Hi, Actually Iam using Kony Enterprise Visualizer 7.3 i used Checkbox group in my registration form iam getting 3 checkboxes after tht checkbox i need to display1 checkbox and this label I agree to your terms and conditions of User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I deleted 2 checkboxes from the group and i kept remaining 1 in javascript iam doing validation but when i click on checkBox or not it is navigating to  this; i have written my code like this i need to navigate to  this; only when we click the checkbox initially it has to be false when we click the checkBox it has to become true can anyone pls give the solution for this there iam getting onSelection() in Action  function validateRegistrationForm(){  var firstName = RegistrationForm.txtFirstName.text;   var lastName = RegistrationForm.txtLastName.text;   var email = RegistrationForm.txtEmail.text;   var password = RegistrationForm.txtPassword.text;   var confirmPassword = RegistrationForm.txtConfirmPassword.text;   var decimal= /^(?=.*[0-9])(?=.*[!@#$%^&*])[a-zA-Z0-9!@#$%^&*]{8,}$/;   var mailformat = /^\w+([\.-]?\w+)*@\w+([\.-]?\w+)*(\.\w{2,3})+$/;       if(firstName == null || lastName == null || email == null || password == null || confirmPassword == null)   {     alert("Please fill all the fields");   }       else if(!mailformat.test(email))   {         alert("You have entered an invalid email address!");   }        else if(!decimal.test(password))   {    alert("password should contain atleast one number and one special character and atleast 8 characters and should contain at least one upper case and should contain atleast one lower case");   return false;  }  else if(confirmPassword!=password){         alert("password doesn't match");    }   else if(RegistrationForm.chkboxtermsandconditions.checked == false)  {     alert("Please check the box to continue");     return false;   }  else    {;    }    }

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Hi Rekha,

Please find attached sample where my form has checkBox group with single checbox. Initially form is displayed with checkBox not selected. When checkBox is selected, it navigates to next form. We have writted logic in checkBox group onSelection event. This usecase might not be the exact as per your requirement, but just a way to achieve.

At the moment, there is no such property or API to know if particular item in the checkBox is selected or not. We need to use "selectedKeys" or "selectedKeyValues" to get the details and save them in global variables for future reference and write your own business logic.

Kindly find attached application and let us know for any further information.


Replied by: Jul 04, 2017 00:47 EDT