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How can i populate an image from sevice call to segment dynamically

Question asked by chenna Baigani on Nov 20, 2015 05:55 EST

Hi I created an dummy(sample) response using SOAPUI and using mobile fabric i called that response.In that response i placed an base64 of image,now the question is how can i populate that image into segment?? I used image.base64="image1"  where image1 is from response in widget data map but it showing error. Please help me in how can i populate that image onto segment along with other data. Thanks in advance, Chenna Baigani.

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Hi  Chenna Baigan,

Thanks for writing to us.

We hope you have created a form with segment having image added into it.

Once service gives result then you may need to write code like below to fetch image URL from result.

                function populateImage(status, result) {

                if (status == 400) {

                                if (result["opstatus"] == 0) {

                                                if (result != null && result != undefined) {

                                                                var segmentData = [];

                                                                for (var i = 0; i < result["data"].length; i++) {


                                                                                                "imgIcon" : result["data"][i]["imageUrl"],









Please do let us know if further assistance is required from us.



Replied by: Nov 24, 2015 02:54 EST