Kony Google Places

Kony Google Places

Kony Google Places

Last Published: Aug 3, 2016 By: Venkata Raju Bankapalli
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An app through which we can find near by places, of a varity of categories. This app is built using Kony Visualizer Starter, Kony Mobile Fabric and Google Places services. No need to download and install this app onto your device. If you have Kony Visualizer Functional Preview app on your device then you can access and use this app via the Kony Visualizer Functional Preview app Short code to access Kony Google Places app from Kony Visualizer Functional Preview app: GZLZI Supported Platforms: Android

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Venkata Raju Bankapalli Great one. I really like this app.

Well Designed. Very Impressive, I like the feature that you can add anything that you want to look for and then search for that place nearby to you.

Pavan Kurella Very useful application

Very well designed application , showing all the functionalities of the application in a single window Very useful in realtime.Animations are smooth , route functionality is good.