Kitchen Sink Prototype

Kitchen Sink Prototype

Kitchen Sink Prototype

Last Published: Aug 6, 2015 By: Kony Marketplace
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The Kitchen Sink prototype demonstrates various user interface components that can be designed with Kony Visualizer. To preview this protoype, download the Kony Visualizer app from the Apple App Store or Google Marketplace. Enter the prototype code: "2QWFI" If you don't already have a Kony Cloud login for the app, please register for a free account first. Please note that the Kitchen Sink App is very large and may take serveral minutes to download and install depending on the speed of your network connection. 



Platforms Provide sorce code and protoytype code is not working

There is no download option for downloading project and prototype code(2QWFI) is not working.

Brintha Thiruppathi QA

Anybody there? still not working. Prototype Code Working

The prototype code worked for me. It just took a few minutes to download and install. Very helpful.

Singaramani Thangavel Unable to import in Visualizer

Unable to import in Visualizer When opening, getting error "Open Project Failed!::Asserting theme structure failed. Please help. Not working

Hi, The prototype is not working for me too. Is someone can helps me ? Thanks.

chandrasena chittimalla Great app with cool animations

The animations and components are great to reuse

do trinh great!

Thanks for sharing!!