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uninstall kony studio 5.6

Jalal EL AMRANI on Mar 08, 2017 10:20 EST

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Thank you for contacting Kony.

The issue is because of, whenever you deactivate a license, please follow the below mentioned steps before you reactivate with another license key.

The process for deactivation and reactivation:

The license needs to be deactivated from the computer by clicking on deactivate license located on Help->About Kony License.

After deactivation, follow these steps:--
1. Delete these folders .kony and .keditor and the file ide_k . These folders and the file are at <USER HOME> (For example in Windows 7 USER HOME is C:\Users<username>)
[In Mac machine you can find only .kony and .keditor folders. ide_k file will come only in windows machine]

2. Please try to install Kony Studio once these folders and the file are deleted

If you do not delete the folders and the file mentioned above, the tool automatically picks the old license file instead of the new one you have.

This usually results in the error it has displayed. If you still face any issues with the current license, we request you to log a new ticket in with the license file which you are using. We will verify in our system and will update you accordingly. Also, the 5.6 EOL is already completed. Please follow the below link for your reference.

Thank You,




Replied by: Apr 06, 2017 16:07 EDT