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Requested SPA app XXXXXXX not found on server

Pothuraju Gorre on Feb 27, 2017 01:12 EST

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Hello Raju,

When you configure any service in mobile fabric and trying for desktop web you will not be able to test through local server.
You need to publish the application in mobile fabric and use the hostname,port of mobile fabric and access through it .

Kindly refer the below kony doc link for more on this,

Thank you,

Replied by: Apr 14, 2017 05:49 EDT
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Hi RaviKumar,

I am also facing the same issue while running the SPA application in browser which is built in KonyVisualizer 7.2.0. I have followed the publish part as well per above reply. Still issue is not solved.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'generateUUID' of undefined
    at Function.kony.sdk.getDeviceId (:8888/KIT838BestBuyApp/spaandroid/appjs/app.js:26192)
    at Function.kony.sdk.getPayload (:8888/KIT838BestBuyApp/spaandroid/appjs/app.js:26158)
    at _invokeOperation (:8888/KIT838BestBuyApp/spaandroid/appjs/app.js:23940)
    at invokeOperationHandler (:8888/KIT838BestBuyApp/spaandroid/appjs/app.js:23913)
    at Function.kony.sdk.claimsRefresh (:8888/KIT838BestBuyApp/spaandroid/appjs/app.js:18186)
    at IntegrationService.invokeOperation (:8888/KIT838BestBuyApp/spaandroid/appjs/app.js:23915)
    at getCategoryLists (:8888/KIT838BestBuyApp/spaandroid/appjs/app.js:28342)
    at loginMFSuccess (:8888/KIT838BestBuyApp/spaandroid/appjs/app.js:28541)
    at Function.kony.sdk.verifyAndCallClosure (:8888/KIT838BestBuyApp/spaandroid/appjs/app.js:23345)
    at processLoginSuccessResponse (:8888/KIT838BestBuyApp/spaandroid/appjs/app.js:18965)


If I check corresponding js file(kony_sdk.js), unable to fetch deviceID using "deviceID = kony.license.generateUUID().toString();"

is this issue related to license ? Please suggest me to resolve the issue.


Replied by: May 18, 2017 07:36 EDT
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I am in the same situation running Visualizer 7.3.0
Works fine on native but not on SPA.

Anybody can help with this issue?

Replied by: Jun 26, 2017 12:56 EDT
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Hope you are launching the SPA application onto the browser using local jetty server using the URL (e.g., http://localhost:8888/AppId/p) and getting the below error.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'generateUUID' of undefined

To resolve this issue (, please go to your <visualizer_workspace_folder>/webapps/CertExBJOldVer/spaandroid/appjs and open app.js file. In this file serach for the below block.

if (name === "thinclient") {
        var deviceID ="deviceID");
        if (!deviceID) {
            deviceID = kony.license.generateUUID().toString();
  , "deviceID");
        return deviceID;

Modify the above highlighted line  to deviceID = "spa" ;   and just reload the SPA url in browser , this error should not come.




Replied by: Sep 21, 2017 00:53 EDT