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Kony 6.5 build apps failing in iOS 10

Kishore Ramakrishnan on Jul 04, 2017 04:56 EDT

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Hi Kishore,

Issue is due to Visualizer iOS Plugins are in basic version, inorder get support to iOS10 we need to upgrade your Studio iOS plugins : ios 6.5.3 r25 and above. ( >= r25).

Detailed steps to Upgrade your iOS Plugins:

To upgrade Kony Studio for a hot fix release, follow these steps:

  1. Start Kony Studio.
  2. On the Help menu, click Install New Software....
  3. The Install dialog appears
  4. Then Copy and Paste the following URL into the textField available at top.
  5. Then Just Press Enter no need to add . After pressing enter you will see all the plug-ins available from the update site URL.
  6. Then Expand Mobile Native channel and select Kony iOS .
  7. Click Next. The Install Details pane appears.
  8. The Details pane displays additional information about the selected plug-in. 9.Click Next. The Review Licenses pane appears. 10.Read the license agreements and select I accept the terms of the license agreements.
  9. Click Finish. The Installing Software dialog appears displaying the progress of the installation. 12.Security warnings may appear during the installation. You can ignore the warnings, and click OK to continue the installation.
  10. After the installation is complete, a message appears to restart Kony Studio for the changes to take effect.
  11. Click Yes to restart Kony Studio.

Then plugins will install successfully then open your kony studio again and build your application and check you are able to solve the issue or not.

If any Issues or doubts please let us , we will help you on this.


Reference Link of above whole process of kony PDF.

Lakshmi Vajrapu
Customer Success Engineering.

Jul 11, 2017 02:44 EDT
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Thanks, it worked after update.

Replied by: Jul 28, 2017 06:20 EDT