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Issue with Viz Setup

Anurag Mohan on Apr 05, 2017 00:21 EDT

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Hi Anurag,

1) Regarding the license error, we could see that you are using Visualizer Enterprise.

To work with Visualizer you need to have valid cloud credentials and also be part of the cloud account that has Visualizer enabled. To be more detailed, to activate the product with your credentials, you need to be invited on the Cloud which has active Visualization Enterprise on it.

Please contact the Cloud admin/ owner for cloud account(organization cloud) for more information.

2) Regading Adnroid SDK, please find below information.

------ Please confirm that the Android Home<<C:\apps\Android\sdk1>> given is correct path. That is, sdk1 folder contains all the folders like platform-tools, tools, extras etc,.

------ Also confirm if android sdk path, tools and platform-tools path are set under Environmental Varialbles.

Kindly go through below guide to set up and build for android platform.

 Kindly validate all the above information and get back to us with your input(s) or findings.

Madhuri C.
Customer Success Engineering.

Apr 05, 2017 02:03 EDT