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Import Fonts in Visualizer

Bayan Siddiek on Mar 07, 2017 09:01 EST

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Thank you for contacting Kony.

To import the fonts into the Kony Visualizer 7.2, please follow the below steps.

  1. We assume that you have copied all .ttf files to a folder, zipped it and trying to import.

  2. Please try  Importing of Custom Fonts through zip files only supports zip files that are exported through Kony Studio/Visualizer Enterprise.

    Above statement means that in order to import custom font using zip file, this zip file should be first exported from IDE using Export.

  3. For Ex: Go to "Assets" tab ----> Fonts ----> Select the platform, say Android. Right click and import fonts. Select the folder and import all the fonts that you want to import (ImportFonts.png)

  4. Use Export option to export a .zip file containing all these custom fonts.

  5. Now you will be able to import this .zip file.

    Note: Using above Step 3, i have imported .ttf files from "neris" folder into Android, iPhone and Desktop web platforms. Then exported these fonts (File menu ----> Export ----> Fonts). Attached is the .zip file which i have exported. Try to import this into your application to see that you will be able to import without any issues..

    Once imported, you can see these custom fonts under Android, iPhone and Desktop web platforms of your application.

Please find attached sample application for your reference. Kindly check and let us know if the issue still exists.


Thank You,

Sirisha Munala

Replied by: Apr 06, 2017 15:57 EDT