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Create Masters

Koichi Hirano on Jul 02, 2017 22:09 EDT

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You can create a Master , do the following:

  1. Depending on where you've placed the Templates tab, on either the Project Explorer or the Library Explorer, click the Templates tab.
  2. Hover over Masters, click its context menu arrow, and then click New Master.
  3. By design, the FlexContainer is not scrollable. To change the FlexContainer into a FlexScrollContainer, making the container scrollable, on the Templates tab, hover over the FlexContainer that you want to convert, click its context menu arrow, point to Convert To, and then click Flex Scroll Container.
  4. Add widgets to the container of the master just as you would on a standard form.

To insert an instance of a master, do the following:

The instance appears in the Project Explorer as blue text, making it easy to identify as a master instance. The instance has the same name as the top widget or container in the master.

  1. On the Project tab of the Project Explorer, locate and open the form that you want to apply the master to. The form displays on the Visualizer Canvas and is now the form with focus.
  2. On the Templates tab, locate the master that you want to apply to the form.
  3. Do either of the following:
    • Click the context menu arrow of the master you want to create an instance of, and then click Insert Into. An instance of the master is placed on the form you originally selected.
    • Drag the master from the Templates tab over to the Visualizer Canvas and drop it onto the form where you want to insert an instance of a master.

You can following link for more information on how to integrate:

Replied by: Jul 04, 2017 00:24 EDT
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Thank you for a reply, Thu Doan.

I tryied creating a Masters on former step you suggested, but I can not find thay tab which is "New Master". 


Replied by: Jul 06, 2017 21:29 EDT
Kony Answered Certificate
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Hi Koichi Hirano.

In KonyVisualizer EnterPrise 7.3 . You can following link :

Good luck.

Jul 07, 2017 04:13 EDT