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Badge Number in the App Icon

drodr25 drodr25 on Feb 28, 2017 16:43 EST

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Hi Darwin,


Badge value setting feature is available only on iPhone and iPad devices(iOS Platforms).


You can use the below code snippet for setting Application badge


where as badgeValue can be number/text

And for retrieving the current badge value :



where as in Android based devices, we cannot set Badge value for Application(on App Icon). But we can set Badge values for widgets inside Application.


To set the same for widget :


<<widgetreference>>.setBadge(badgetext, skin);


To get current badge value from widgets:


<<widgetreference>>.getBadge(badgetext, skin);

please find more information at


Best Regards,

Vamseekrishna K

Replied by: Mar 01, 2017 03:58 EST