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Access Remote Database

SharedPoints Dev on Feb 23, 2017 19:50 EST

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Please find my response below and let me know if you have any queries further. 

 1. There is not detailed document that covers both MobileFabric and Visualizer Enterprise (using JS) steps for Service type 'Java'

[Kony] - We have a documentation in detail regarding configuration of the Java Service in MF in the below link,if you think some steps are missing please do let me know so that we can check if we can get that updated in the documentation.

2.So alternatively how can i use JS code to invoke this 'Database' integration service from Visualiser code and do CRUD operations.

[Kony] - In MF console itself if you click on sample code then you will get the code that you have to implement at the client side visualizer to invoke each operation. 

For example if I have configured a service with type as DB in mfconsole then clicking on the sample code will give me a popup with options such as Android,iOS,KonyVisualizer etc. When you are invoking the service from device you have to use this to make a call to the service.

  1. serviceName = "CopyMySQLDBConnectionCheck";
  2. integrationObj = KNYMobileFabric.getIntegrationService(serviceName);

Further clicking on each operation will again give you a code snippet which can be used to invoke each operation. For instance in a case, if I have configured CRUD operations for the DB then I can invoke them using the operation name created as attached in operationinvokesnippet.png to invoke from the visualizer. 


We have the service invocation API's mentioned in the below link.

Thank You,



Replied by: Apr 06, 2017 07:36 EDT