Kony OS Upgrade Program

In case you missed our initial announcement & Recap on the OS updates:

Following this, we are now pleased to share more details on the Kony OS Upgrade Program.

iOS 11:

We are excited to announce the iOS 11 compatible plugins.

Latest Kony compatible iOS 11 GA plugins are available for download -

Please download the plugins through the download site through Visualizer -

iOS-GA- - Release notes

iOS-GA- - Release notes

iOS-GA- - Release notes

iOS-GA- - Release notes

For any support required on End of life versions (Below 6.5), please get in touch with our customer success representative. You can send an email to – Customer Success or  Xina Seaton

Important Note

With the Xcode 9 and iOS 11, Kony ensures to have full support to the OS upgrades but the new iOS apps and updates submitted to the App Store must support 64-bit as stated by Apple. Support for 32-bit apps will not be available in iOS 11 and all 32-bit apps previously installed on a user’s device will not launch.

It is important that arm64 architecture is not removed from the list of valid architecture in project settings by opening Xcode. In case an IPA is generated after removing the arm64 architecture, the same will not be installed on iOS 11 device and will show up error on the device.


  • Apple strongly recommends using Xcode 9 for building the iOS 11 apps

Support for Native function APIs for iOS 11:

With the release of compatible plugins for iOS 11, we also have the native function APIs released for iOS11. The support for 9.3 native function APIs has been dropped. If any of the projects are using the 9.3 native function APIs, they need to be deleted manually and they have to be re-included by choosing from the list of iOS11 (or iOS 10) native function APIs.

Backward compatibility/Need Xcode 8 apps working on iOS11 with protected mode:

Kony released hotfix plugins to support protected mode on Xocde 8. The apps built by consuming these plugins will work on iOS11 while still being on Xcode8. The below are the hotfix releases -

  • 7.3     -  iOS–GA-
  • 7.1.1  -  iOS-GA-

Customers need to re-submit their iOS apps by consuming these plugins to ensure compatibility with iOS 11.

Issues addressed in the Kony Beta plugin for iOS 11

  • Segment Dynamic row templates - The issue is due to few properties enabled in iOS 11 by default. These properties are estimatedRowHeight, estimatedSectionHeaderHeight, and estimatedSectionFooterHeight.
  • Compilation errors were fixed for iOS 11 when trying to use video widget.
  • Build issues were fixed for FFIs, CWI and Functional modules.

Note : Kony Beta Plugins for iOS 11 do not have support for protected mode.

Known Issues:

(These are expected to be addressed by Apple with the upcoming Beta updates. If these are not addressed by Apple through their GM release Kony will analyze and address these)

  • Spacing issue between tool bar items.
  • BarButtonItems – setTitlePositionAdjustment api is not working as expected due to which there is an overlap of back button on the titlebar.
  • Differences are observed in the font as there seems to be a change in the alpha value of the font color.
  • Label text moving to the next line.


Xcode 9 Beta supports only Swift 3 and 4. If an existing FFI/CWI app has Swift 2.0 files and if the project is opened in Xcode 9 Beta, there will be errors related to migration of Swift 2.x to Swift 3

iOS 11 Beta Simulator:

Please follow the below steps to launch the application in iOS 11 beta simulator:

  • Extract the Jar file. The binaries are downloaded as a zip file.
  • Extract the binaries to a local folder on your drive. For example, HOME folder.
  • Open Terminal in Mac.
  • Enter the following commands to launch the KAR file in iOS 11 Beta Simulator:
  • cd <HOME>
  • cd VMAppWithKonylib\gen
  • perl extract.pl <URL of app KAR>
  • For example, perl extract.pl http://<IP of Kony Studio Machine>:8888/<appName>r?type=iphone
  • open ../VMAppWithKonylib.Xcodeproj which opens the Xcode.
  • Build the app.

Android “O”:

We are pleased to announce that the current Android Plugins are compatible with Android O.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success team representatives or Kony Support.