Java 7 - end of support

We have made a few updates to the support for Java in our products in the last few releases. Below is the quick summary.

Kony Visualizer
Kony Visualizer version 7.2 was the last release to support Java 7.
With the Kony Visualizer version 7.2.1 released in December 2016 and all later releases, Kony Visualizer will only support Java 8. 
Please follow the below guidelines to enable Java 8 and latest Gradle on Kony Visualizer version 7.2.1 and later:

  • Upgrade Android SDK build tools to 25.0.0 using Android SDK Manager
  • Update the Google Repository to 40 [Via SDK manager]
  • Update the Android support repository to 40 
  • Workspace location is recommended to be in the root folder.
  • 9 patch image should be as per Android specifications.

Kony MobileFabric 
Kony MobileFabric supports Java 8 since MobileFabric 7.0 release. Kony MobileFabric 7.3 will be last release to support Java 7.  Post MobileFabric 7.3 release, MobileFabric will no longer support Java 7.  MobileFabric 7.3 however will be serviced for Java 7 support.