iPhone X Release notes

iPhone X comes with a super retina edge to edge display with 458 PPI. It comes with a device height of 812, width of 375 and a screen resolution of 2436 x 1125 (@3X). Touch ID authentication is replaced with Face ID.

1. The Kony compatible plugin is tested on iPhone X simulator. The device is not yet released.
2. Xcode 9.0.1 is needed to test the applications on iPhone X simulator.

Changes that need to be done to provide App support for iPhone X on Kony Visualizer: 
1. App developer needs to provide a 3X Splash Image. Current Apps which doesn't have a 3X splash image will not fill the complete screen i.e. from edge to edge in  iPhone X. Splash screen with name splashscreen-812h@3x.png with a resolution of 1125 By 2436 should be provided for iPhoneX.

2. App Developer need to add NSFaceIDUsageDescription (Privacy - Face ID Usage Description) key in configuration file for the Face ID to work. The configuration file can be found at project-name/resources/common/infoplist_configuration.json
This is mandatory for the app to work. The app will result in a crash if the key is missing. Link

Fixed issues:
 1. Section header text in a segment with "Dictionary" enabled will underlap the sensor housing.

Known issues:

1. If extendTop property of form is set to true and when the app is rotated from landscape to portrait, content offset of the form is not getting set correctly.

2. If extendBottom property of form and needAppMenu are set to true and when the app is rotated from landscape to portrait, the layout does not happen correctly. (This issue is not seen when needAppMenu is false)


1. When using Face ID on Xcode 9.0.1 simulator, authentication will fail every other time, saying "Lost connection to coreauthd." in the error message. 
        References :
2. No support for pop up widget as it is a deprecated widget.