Are you ready for iOS11 and Android “O”!

Is your App ready?  Next week at their WWDC 2017 event, Apple is expected to disclose information about iOS11 and likely an early developer preview.  Google has already released details on Android “O” and issued a developer preview.  While it will be a few months before either of these OS updates are officially Generally Available, now is the time to start preparing to ensure that your App users have a smooth transition.  To help you prepare, Kony is committed to helping our customers by running our own Kony OS upgrade program in parallel with the OS provider’s preview programs.

Through our Kony OS upgrade program, we ensure that our customers have early access to updated plug-ins for Kony Visualizer which are compatible with the upcoming OS updates; this helps you start your planning early to ensure you are ready.
Here are a few tips on how you can prepare:

  • Start planning your application upgrades and OS support. We provide OS upgrades on Kony versions that have full mainstream support when the new OS releases. This means that you should be planning to upgrade to version 7.0 or higher of Kony Visualizer to ensure that your applications receive all of the latest updates.
  • As per our policy, the OS upgrades will be released on latest major and minor versions per active supported version and includes 6.5, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3. It is best to ensure your application is always on the latest update to each supported version.
  • Ensure your applications are tested with the Beta releases and manage your project plans to coincide with the OS upgrade program.
  • Ensure your iOS application is built using the 64-bit support. Apple may not allow 32-bit supported apps on the app store with iOS 11. If you have built your apps with the 5.6 version or above of the Kony Studio/Visualizer, you are already compliant with 64-bit support. In case you have not, please ensure you upgrade at the earliest to ensure compliance.

So far we have been validating early Android “O” previews and have not found any breaking changes with current Kony platform versions; when iOS11 is released we will be performing similar validation and will provide more details on our overall Beta release plan schedule.

As always, you can be assured that with Kony, your mobile app is taken care of! Under our unique SLA, we contractually commit to providing you app compatibility support for updated OS releases within 30 business days.
If you have any questions about your applications, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success team representatives or Kony Support.