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Kony Visualizer

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    Kony Google Places

    Kony Visualizer

    An app through which we can find near by places, of a varity of categories. This app is built...

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    Aternity Mobile APM

    Kony Visualizer

    Aternity Mobile APM...

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    Kitchen Sink Prototype

    Kony Visualizer

    The Kitchen Sink prototype demonstrates various user interface components that can be designed...

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    MobileFabric Messaging Demo Application

    Kony Visualizer

    Sample application that demostrates the messaging and user engagement capabilities of Kony...

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    Kony - Mobile Shopping Cart Sample App

    Kony Visualizer A sample mobile shopping cart application app that supports iOS and Android.
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    Kony - Field Services

    Kony Visualizer Designs for a sample Field Services application.
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    Kony - Vehicles Info Sample App 

    Kony Visualizer The app uses different widgets to show vehicle information on larger tablet screens.