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    Employee Self Service Mobile Application

    App Accelerators

    With an in-depth understanding of human capital management and consulting experience in...

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    Medicine Adherence

    App Accelerators

    This option enables end user to define the reminder based on given medicine prescription; User...

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    Location Finder

    App Accelerators

    This option enables end users to locate nearest bank ATM or Branch. By locating nearest Bank ATM...

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    Oracle e-Biz Self-Service HR Mobile

    App Accelerators

    Leading-edge SSHR Mobile application empowers the individual by leveraging...

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    Kony Services

    App Accelerators

    Provide your field organization a mobile-first optimized experience designed to work the way...

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    Kony Enterprise Asset Management

    App Accelerators

    Provide your organization a mobile-first optimized experience designed to help you manage your...

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    Kony Healthcare

    App Accelerators Mobile solutions play an important role in engaging members and enabling efficient ways of managing...
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    Kony Retail Banking

    App Accelerators

    The Kony Retail Banking app accelerator is built on Kony Modeler. Customers are engaging you at...

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    Kony HR

    App Accelerators

    Kony HR is an accelerator app configured on Kony Modeler, that allows you to extend your HR...

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    Lead Management Application by Popcorn Apps

    App Accelerators This application manages sales process by tracking leads, managing opportunities, accounts,...