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Save flex created in Js

Question asked by Nicolas Matias on Jun 14, 2017 10:16 EDT

Hello,  i created a flex in Javascript in form, but when i close the app and reopen it, my flex disappear.  Can you help me ?  thanks.        flxCard = new kony.ui.FlexContainer({     "id": "flxCard_"+i,     "centerX": "50%",         "width": "650dp",     "height": "735dp",     "top": "35dp",     "zIndex": 1,     "isVisible": true,         "skin": "skinFlexCards",     "clipBounds": true,     "layoutType": kony.flex.FREE_FORM,     "onClick":SelectedCard   });   frmViewCards.flxScrollCards.addAt(flxCard,3);