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Requested SPA app XXXXXXX not found on server

Question asked by Pothuraju Gorre on Feb 27, 2017 01:12 EST

Hi All,    I am new to Kony. I need your help regarding SPA. I just built a SPA and tring to run in browser. Form is loading but content is not loading into the segment. Can you please help me on this? Thanks in advance for your valuable time and help. In console I am getting below exception: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'generateUUID' of undefined     at Function.kony.sdk.getDeviceId (app.js:27383)     at Function.kony.sdk.getPayload (app.js:27349)     at _invokeOperation (app.js:25084)     at invokeOperationHandler (app.js:25057)     at Function.kony.sdk.claimsRefresh (app.js:19312)     at IntegrationService.invokeOperation (app.js:25059)     at loginIdentitySuccess (app.js:52)     at Function.kony.sdk.verifyAndCallClosure (app.js:24489)     at processLoginSuccessResponse (app.js:20106)     at app.js:20002 Regards, Raju.

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Hello Raju,

When you configure any service in mobile fabric and trying for desktop web you will not be able to test through local server.
You need to publish the application in mobile fabric and use the hostname,port of mobile fabric and access through it .

Kindly refer the below kony doc link for more on this,

Thank you,

Replied by: Apr 14, 2017 05:49 EDT