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Playing Flash content on iPad

Question asked by Roopa Shree Hegde on Apr 06, 2017 11:38 EDT

Can we playback recorded adobe connect meeting(Flash content) in Kony application on iOS platform? I know we can play flash content in third party browsers/Apps in iOS platform, I am intrested in knowing if we can play flash content in Kony application. If there is a way, please point me to the documentation and/or examples.

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Hi Roopa,

1) Please check if video widget helps with your query.

2) In case you are looking for an option to display an image/video that should be dispalyed as initial screen when application is launched, then please look into the below guide.

Please go through all the above information. If you query is not related to above then please provide us more details like links, videos that helps us to understand the exact requirement you are looking for.

Madhuri C.
Customer Success Engineering.


Answered by: Apr 07, 2017 03:37 EDT