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onSwipe event is not fired at the end for segment with Page view in Iphone

Question asked by Vijayendra L on Jul 12, 2017 04:25 EDT

Hi There,   I have segment2 widget with page type view. I have added onSwipe event this. It is working properly for android but in Iphone, this event is not triggerd at the end( means at rowIndex 9 ). Plugin details are kony visualizer 7.2.1

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I tried by using setGesturesRecongnizer as an alternative to this. But, it seems gestures are not recongnized in case of a segment with Page View.


Please let us konw if any solution/alternative approach to resolve this swiping issue.

Replied by: Jul 17, 2017 13:16 EDT
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Hi Vijayendra,

Please update to the latest 7.2.1 plugins. This issue has been resolved.\in it.

Thank you
Rashmi Menon
Customer Success Engineering

Replied by: Jul 20, 2017 03:09 EDT