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Kony Visualizer noKony Visualizer not detecting Cordovat detecting Cordova on mac

Question asked by nitin sharma on Apr 15, 2017 08:49 EDT

I am using Kony Visualizer v7.2.0.1 and I am trying to integrate cordova into one of the sample projects. Everytime I try to enable cordova option under project>setting>enable cordova and hit apply, I get following error in command line:     "enableCordova failed!::Error: Command failed: cordova --v\n/bin/sh: cordova: command not found\n" It almost looks like Kony Vis. is looking for Cordova CLI under /bin/sh which is a wrong location but I could be wrong and there could be something else going on. Any way I can fix this or change the path where Kony Vis. should look for cordova?     Also, using Terminal Cordova works just fine. I can even invoke cordova by going to this Kony project's directory using Terminal on my mac.