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Kony Visualizer App

Problem posted by Antonio Cambule on Feb 18, 2017 16:30 EST

Hi there, i'm new here around and tried to preview something using the kony visualizer app on my android smartphone. I can not login in, into my kony account... I get an error message: "Please enter valid Email address". The mail adrdress is fine, i can login with my browser. I'm using a .info address. So what can i do.... i've just started with the starter edition, so it seems there is no possibility to ask the support directly.. thanks and regards' antonio 303

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Hi Antonio,

Can you please confirm if you are using your Kony cloud account credentials to login to Visualizer Starter. Also you confirmed that you are able to login with browser.

Please provide the konyviz log from the path C:\Users\<Your ID<>>\Kony Visualizer\vizdata\logs

Madhuri C.
Customer Success Engineering.

Replied by: Feb 23, 2017 13:40 EST