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Kony IDE NOT support all fonts

Question asked by Mamoun Omer Bashier on Jun 25, 2017 07:45 EDT

Why Kony Visualizer tool not support for all font types or can import new fonts to IDE ? 

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Hi Mamoun,

To make use of other fonts that are available in Visualizer Enterprise, we can use custom font feature that allows you to import and use custom fonts in the tool. 

For Ex: As shown in "ImportFont.png", select platform(for Ex: Android) ---> Import Fonts ---> select custom font(.ttf file) and import. And then select this imported custom font as shown in "Font.png"

You can also export and import already available custom fonts in your application. Please refer below guide.

Kindly try above approach and let us know if you see any issues.

Replied by: Jun 25, 2017 22:35 EDT