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Jenkins - CI - Kony Viz Ent 7.2.1 -Windows

Problem posted by Naven Kumar Anem on Apr 12, 2017 02:03 EDT

I am planning to build CI using Jenkins. I ran the build.xml with ant via CommandLine in windows and it was built successfully. But when I ran the same build.xml with Jenkins with following is failing. 1) As a Windows Batch File 2) As an Ant target In both the cases...its getting stopped at ... konywebstudio\config\default.js [exec] [node console]Eclipse.ini file not found. Setting useProxy to false. [exec] [node console]GitDir: C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\Kony Visualizer\vizdata\.konyvizgit [exec] [node console]Viz running in EMBEDDED mode [exec] [node console][2017-04-12 09:55:45.919] [DEBUG] vide - In pullWelcomeScreen ... [exec] [node console][2017-04-12 09:55:45.932] [DEBUG] vide - Download welcome screen: [exec] [node console][2017-04-12 09:55:45.940] [DEBUG] vide - Requesting File from [exec] Status file not found, trying again. [exec] Status file not found, trying again. [exec] Status file not found, trying again. [exec] ***status folder didn't get created in 90 sec. Something went wrong.. [exec] Node Server state :false [exec] Startup has encountered issues. Please check the log file for details and try again. [exec] [exec] C:\Users\test\KonyVizEWS\Sample>exit 0 [echo] Ending script...