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Install on premise mobile fabric with load balancer

Question asked by Carlos Chau on Mar 07, 2017 09:22 EST

Hi, I am trying to install the mobile fabric on my own server which is behind a load balancer, but I can't a detail step for this kind of scenario. Could any advise the steps? (I installed mobile fabric successfully before in my own PC, but it seems different when it is behind a load balancer) Here are the detail information ------------------- I am using Tomcat as App Server and Oracle as the DB. All traffic from the mobile Apps would go to the load balancer (e.g. url through https, then the load balancer will redirect the request to the mobile fabric (e.g., which is an internal URL) through http using port 8080 During the mobile fabric installation,

  • what should I input in the "Hostname / IP address"? The url of load balancer or the mobile fabric?
  • What protocol should I use? HTTP?
  • what port should I use now? 8080?
  • If I want to listen another port, I only need to edit server.xml of Tomcat?

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Did anyone setup such architecture before?Any advise would be appreciated.

I feel confused during the step in the attached screen, what hostname should I use? The public URL or the local machine hostname / IP? As I have few MobileFabrics sharing the same DB table, if I used local machine hostname, all the other MobileFabrics will share a hostname that doesn't belong to itself.

Replied by: Mar 16, 2017 00:20 EDT
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Hi Carlos,

 Yes, many clients have used this kind of architecture and we have documented the same in the installation guide.

If you have a reverse proxy at load balancer level, then you can follow below link for reference.


If there is no reverse proxy, then you install with public url which you would use to access the env. And then configure server.xml as below:

Trust the https certificate on the app server aswell. And the pre requisite is that from the app server it should resolve load balancer public hostname. As Kony applications internally will communicate over the load balancer url.

Hope this answers your concerns.



Replied by: Mar 23, 2017 10:47 EDT