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images in segment row are not loading during the initial load in SPA

Question asked by Vijayendra L on Aug 08, 2017 14:04 EDT

Images in the segment row are not loading for first time. How ever If I naviagte to 2nd page and return back to 1st page then all the Images are displaying fine. I see this behaviour is only in SPA. Please suggest. Below is the code snippet . imageSrc=productsList[each].thumbnailImage; productSegmentData.push({ "ProductId": { "text": productsList[each].id }, "ProductSku": { "text": productsList[each].sku }, "ThumbImage": { "src": imageSrc }, "SummaryRichText": { "text": productData } }); ProductListForm.ProductListSegment.setData(productSegmentData);  

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Hi Vijayendra,

It should not be the case always. Generally images are loaded without any issues. Might be it is taking time to get data from services and map to respective images. By the time, you navigate to next page and come back, images are loaded.

If above reported issue is not due to time taken to load then please let us know along with sample where we can see the issue and debug further.


Replied by: Sep 20, 2017 14:27 EDT