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Image to rawBytes conversion

Question asked by ashish belose on Apr 18, 2017 09:11 EDT

Hi Team,   I,m Using Kony version 6.0.3 and trying to show image from form to POPUP.I'm doing var Img = frmCamera.ImgCam1.rawBytes; and grtting Img as null.i tryied by base64 still getting Img as null. Please help me to resolve this.   Ashish B.

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Hi Ashish,

Based on above, we believe that you are trying to capture image using camera and assign this captured image to image widget inside popup. We have created sample using the same scenario in KonyStudio 6.0 and able to achieve the same.

Please validate the same and update us incase it differs with the scenario at your end.

Just wanted to inform that Kony Studio 6.0.x has already crossed EOL. Please find below link for reference.


Madhuri C.

Replied by: Apr 19, 2017 03:20 EDT