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How to set IP Address on MobileFabric On Premises

Question asked by Daniele Benericetti on Feb 17, 2017 05:34 EST

Hi, I'm installing KonyMF on Mac OSX Sierra. During Installation I haven't possibility to change IPAddress and my serviceURL is: http://localhost:8585...etc With this serviceURL I can't init and invoke the services. How to change IPAddress during installation? I saw on the installation guide on windows there is possibility io insert the IP: but I can't do it on Mac: How to resolve this issue? Thanks, Daniele  

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Hi Daniele,

               The Installer you are using might be the older one. Installer with an option to take hostname as the input is not released as part of GA, my sincere apollogies for that as the documentation also contains the changes that were part of the installer which is not released. Anyway you can able to change the hostname by running a simple sql script by specifying the new hostname. I have attached a script where you can follow the instructions specified in that and you can run the script in the mysql workbench which will change your hostname. 


Kethan Dasari

Replied by: Mar 16, 2017 05:35 EDT