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How to save a selected Item using Selection Behavior

Question asked by victor cornejo on Jul 14, 2017 16:02 EDT

I am currently using Selection behavoir of multi select in a segment on my sample app. What i want to do with this is  somewhow read that a row has been selected with my corresponding image, and then save into an array that is sent to another segment later on. How can i go about doing the selection of the row.? function selectrows(){  var src = frmSample1.Segment.selectionBehaviorConfig;// shows my two imgs for select and unselect. ???? } function save(){ frmSample2.segment.setData(arr);; }

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Please find attached sample application. In the sample, we are using segment with multi select. After selection, onclick of button, we are getting the selected data and mapping or displaying the selected to second segment in next form.

Kindly check the same and get back to us for any further queries.


Replied by: Sep 20, 2017 14:10 EDT