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How to pass Java byte array to kony Javascript using FFI

Question asked by sathish avunoori on Mar 14, 2017 08:48 EDT

Hi have created an Android FFI to conver the image object to byte array(raw bytes) and send it to Kony application in javascript. but when i send it to javascript, it is reading/showing somthing like "[BRU@23i.." as like a pointer or an address of the object. but i am expecting it as a byte[]. When i try to convert Java byte array to String and send it to javascript and try to convert it as Uint8Array/ArrayBuffer it is showing the UncaughtReference Error like "Uint8Array is not defined/ArrayBuffer is not defined".  Can some one please helo me in this , how can i solve sending rawbytes from android java to javascript in kony .  I am using Kony studio , attached is the plugin details also attached error details screenshot.

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