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How to output an Xcode project from Kony visuzlizer

Question asked by nitin sharma on Mar 09, 2017 11:51 EST

I am very new to kony and have recently started exploring Kony visualizer. I have a sample app in my Kony visualizer and I can publish the app using kony cloud to my devices. I can also download the Kony project which is written in javascript. My question is is there a way for me to export this sample app project which is written in javascript as a Xcode project (either in Swift or Objc)? I was told that with Kony it is possible to export out your project in native format that can be opened with either xcode or android studio.   Please let me know. Thanks

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In Kony Visualizer Menu -> Product -> Emulators & Devices Configration -> iOS

Create an emaultor, so that you can send kony project to an imac machine via visualizer. Which will open the project in X-Code automatically.

Answered by: Mar 10, 2017 13:23 EST