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how to launch native activity in kony

Question asked by Deepak Nandanwar on Mar 03, 2017 02:33 EST

Hi, We have made a sample app. We just want to launch a native activity that we have created in Android studio. So, we made a static method that kony FFI would invoke and within that static method, we are calling the Native activity which we want to show.  But, the FFI does not launch the Activity..  I have attached the sample app, ddms logs for your reference.  Also, for your reference, I have attached the java file which is the activity.  If this is not possible, then what is the alternate?  I had also developed an FFI earlier where i could launch the native Activity, so why can't we launch a newly created activity?   

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Hello Deepak,


Did you added the activity tag in the application properties-->native-->android-->tags-->child tag entries under <application>tag:<activity 

Can you try adding that and verify once. 

Thank You,




Replied by: Apr 10, 2017 15:01 EDT