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How do load Popups via Functional Modules? And how to unload functional modules?

Question asked by Fabio Cesso de Castro on Mar 21, 2017 11:03 EDT

Hello, 1) I'm running Kony Studio 6.5 and I want to load the app modules dynamically using the Functional Modules API. This is my functionalmodules.xml file: <functionalModules projectName="myApp">     <functionalModule name="startAppModule" loadOnStartUp="true">         <jsModules>mod1, appglobals</jsModules>         <views>frm1, frmLogin</views>         <popups>popLogin</popups>     </functionalModule> </functionalModules> Everything loads fine, except the popLogin.  How can I load it?   2) I couldn´t find at the documentation how to unload the unnecessary files. Should I use a specific API, or do the files automatically are unloaded when loading other functional module to memory?   Thanks