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How to apply encryption on the user password from iOS device to Kony Cloud App Services?

Question asked by MAULIK PARIKH on Mar 08, 2017 13:02 EST

Building an app using 6.0.3 Studio and 6.0.3 Kony App Services cloud. We have custom SOAP and REST APIs exposed by our backend servers for user Authentication and Authorization. Our transport from iOS device to Kony cloud is over 443 port (HTTPS). From Kony cloud to our back ends there is a VPN tunnel and communication is over HTTPS. While having that we are still able to see plain text password when we run packet snifer tests. Is there a salient way to encrypt or hash the passwords while still being using HTTPS? Would you recommend the solution of encryptio and decryption from device until back end, meaning apply encyrption at device and decrypt at back end? Is there a way we can encrypt from device and decrypt at Kony cloud as a stand alone coverage alongside the transport over HTTPS? If there's a settings in the Studio 6.0.3 which allows us that would be optimal instead of implementing crypto based code. Thanks, Maulik

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We used calcMD5 encryption at application side add this JS file. Below is sample code:

var password = frmName.txtBoxName.text;

var encryptedPassword = calcMD5(password);


Replied by: Mar 10, 2017 13:29 EST