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how to add widget to quick action items in iOS 10 using Force Touch/3D Touch

Question asked by srinath racha on Feb 23, 2017 10:47 EST

We have a requirement to add widget to quick action items to show quick balance items (account name+number, account balance)  to quick action items using 3D Touch/Force Touch in iOS10. This is new feature in iOS10. Would you please let me know whether it is possible through FFI or any suggestions/approach will help to achieve this requirement. We are on 7.2 latest plugins. Regards, Srinath

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Hi Srinath,


we can achieve this functionality of quick actions by doing following steps :

1)  Go to project settings —> Native—> iPhone/ iPad —> Click on Configure Quick Actions.

2)  Then Configure the respective ID, Title , SubTitle, Title I18 , icon, info over there.

     Just add how many quick Actions we want.

3)  After that call a method in the App Service of the application App Events.

For Example:

Sample code snippet in Application App Service event.

Code Snippet :   return appForceTouchCallBack (eventobject);

4)  And implemented the appForceTouchCallBack method in our code:

Code Snippet:

 function appForceTouchCallBack(params){


    if(null !== params && params.launchmode == 3) {

      var quickActionItem = params.launchparams.quickactionitem;


        if( == "com.kony.transfers" && isLoggedIn == true) {

          menuIconForceTouch = true;

          //navigateToNewTransferForm("InitialLanding", null);

          //return frmNewTransferKA;



5)  Like wise we will get information in Params parameter of callback then we will compare the and we will respective action what we want to do. If you want show that form write that code over there.




Replied by: Aug 23, 2017 05:52 EDT