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Question asked by zhouxian xian on Aug 07, 2017 23:01 EDT

why  I used  the function that  the screen  show  UnHandled EXception: md....    ? this  is my code !   function touchID_return (status,message){           if(status === 5000){     //Showing a form using show method.    //;      // alert(;;       }     else{      // var return_message = status + ':'+message;       //kony.ui.Alert({message:return_message,alertType:constants.ALERT_TYPE_INFO,yesLabel:'Close'}, {});     }    }

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Hi Xian,

We understand that you are receiving exception with the code used. From the code, you mentioned above, you should not receive any error in general.

Can you please create sample out of your code where you are receiving exception so that we can test at our end and debug for the root cause along with Kony Plugins details. Sample will help us to easily debug and provide with accurate response. 


Replied by: Aug 08, 2017 01:42 EDT