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Getting error in Ant build

Question asked by Rekha Reddy Chittam on Jul 03, 2017 11:28 EDT

When i click Preview->->Launch emulator->Nexus6 iam getting issue as below exec-shell returned: 1 Ant build error=exec-shell returned: 1 exec-shell returned: 1 Failed to build apk file. See console for more details.

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Hi Rekha,

From the screenshot, we could see that build is failed. Kindly provide us with complete error log/console log to see the detailed information. Or if possible, provide us with the sample so that we can test at our end and check the same. Also let us know Visualizer Enterprise version.


Replied by: Jul 03, 2017 22:31 EDT
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Hello Rekha.

Can you show me setup ADV ?

May be your ADV have CPU/ABI: x86 . So You can fix the following:

Open project setting in kony visualizer enterprise and click native and click android and check support x86 devices.

You can following attachments image.

Good luck.

Replied by: Jul 04, 2017 04:26 EDT