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Error wmi

Question asked by bouraoui mansouri on Jul 03, 2017 18:24 EDT

when i try to open kony i got an wmic error  and it ask me to fix wmi ?   what can i do ?

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We uderstand that you could see "wmic error " but above information may not help us to move forward. Kindly provide below mentioned details that helps in better understanding of the reported issue.

1) Visualizer Enteprise version

2) If its windows machine or mac machine

3) Complete error screenshot and error log

4) At which step are you seeing this error. Like after lanunching visualizer enterprise or when building application etc.


Replied by: Jul 03, 2017 22:26 EDT
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thank you for the reply ,


i am using visualizer Entreprise version 7.3 

i have a windows 10 machine



Replied by: Jul 04, 2017 02:57 EDT