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Display Different Forms

Question asked by Koichi Hirano on Mar 22, 2017 03:24 EDT

I'm trying to show different forms are triggered by pressing a button. However, i have no idea how to trigger to make this event below. 1. show form 1(only) 2. push a button 3. show form 2(only) I already built form, but i dont know how to make screen transaction on Kony Visualizer with animation. Let me know any suggestion, anything is very helpful to me.  

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Hi Koichi,

1) If your query is to navigate between forms by clicking on buttons then please find attched application developed using Visualizer Enterprise 7.2.1.x plugins.

Application contains three forms. Initally frmOne is displayed. On click of buttons on the form, you will be able to navigate to other forms. You can invoke your logic for buttons under the events of "Action" tab.

2) Also if you are looking for some transition effect to be applied when arriving on the form OR when moving the form our of view then please check for the options available in inTransitionConfig & outTransitionConfig form properties.

Incase you are looking for some other information then please let us know along with the exact requirement.

Madhuri C.
Customer Success Engineering.

Answered by: Mar 22, 2017 03:52 EDT
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Thank you so much for your help. That was what I wanted

Replied by: Mar 22, 2017 21:44 EDT