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Cordova app launch to iPhone

Problem posted by Juliana A on Feb 27, 2017 23:00 EST

Hi, I am currently creating a Cordova based app which uses some plugins on the Kony Visualizer Enterprise 7.2.1. The app can be built successfully but when I want to deploy it to my iPhone (iOS 9 & iOS 10), it will fail. If I am using the Local Preview, the app will stuck at "Downloading" and then crashing the Visualizer iPhone app. When I want to publish it for Cloud Preview, this error (CiShare : couldn't publish prototype.An error occurred while uploading. Click Retry to upload again.) will keep getting shown. This Cordova app can be successfully used in other platform so hopefully someone can help me with this problem.  Thank you.

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Hello Juliana,

Can you please share the application you are trying , So that we can look into the issue .


Radhika Yennam
Customer Success Engineering




Replied by: Apr 06, 2017 22:12 EDT