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Camera Widget remove all controls

Question asked by Robert Love on Mar 15, 2017 01:49 EDT

Hi there I'm building a sample app which shows how using OCR to scan a Drivers Licence might work (see attached screen shot on iPhone 4S). I want to remove all controls. I've set "Native UI" to "Off". This has removed the native UI but left me with the ugly controls you can see in the screen shot. Reading through the Camera Widget documentation, a property called "hideControlBar" is sometimes mentioned. I tried formName.widgetName.hideControlBar = true in the preShow action of the form containing the camera widget but this did nothing. Any suggestions? Thanks.  

Kony Answered Certificate
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Hi Robert,

You need to call the below syntax, = {
        "hideControlBar": true

which need to execute before the camera open in iOS. Please call this function in the form preshow. Any Camera optional property should execute before the camera launch, then only it will work. 


Answered by: Mar 15, 2017 12:44 EDT